(Sanford, Maine) – Maine Army National Guard combat veteran, renewable energy entrepreneur, attorney and Sanford, Maine native Adam Cote’s Democratic gubernatorial campaign showed remarkable strength out of the gate, raising over $265,000 in just 73 days and earning strong support across the Democratic Party and state.

A relative political outsider, Cote’s support is remarkable in context. Despite rumors of who may or may not be getting into the race and how contested the primary might be, Cote raised more primary campaign contributions than unopposed 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and six-term Congressman Mike Michaud ($249,779 vs. $237,030).

“These numbers show that people all around the State of Maine want change and new leadership focused on building an economy that works for all of us,” said Cote. “As a kid born and raised in Sanford, I am humbled by the support we are earning and enjoying every opportunity to meet and listen to Maine people at house parties, picnics, parades and events across the state. It could not be more clear to me – from the Potato Blossom Festival in Aroostook County this past weekend to all of the events and meetings across the state since April – creating good jobs and growing Maine’s economy are the top issues people want their next governor to focus on.”

Cote received 611 contributions from 13 of Maine’s 16 counties, had nearly an equal number of donations above and below $200 (52.7%/47.3%) and finished the period with $203,697.63 cash on hand.  

Cote’s support came from Democrats across the spectrum and around the state ranging from former Congressman Tom Allen, to 2014 Michaud and 2012 Marriage Equality campaign manager Matt McTighe, to 2010 gubernatorial candidates Rosa Scarcelli and Pat McGowan, to the Maine Women’s Leadership PAC, and several dozen current and former state and local Democratic officials.

“My wife and I are deeply troubled about what is going on at the state and national level and feel like so many of our values are under assault,” said Cote. “I am committed to running a positive campaign focused on bringing the Democratic Party together so we win back the Blaine House and earn the opportunity to lead and stand up for those values.”

At a Glance - Adam Cote for Governor Campaign

April 19 to June 30, 2017

Financial Support thru June 30 Adam Cote 2018 Congressman Mike Michaud 2014 (Unopposed)
Primary contributions $249,779.05 $237,030.00
Total contributions $265,297.60 $313,530.00
Number of contributions 611 616
Percent of contributions < $200 47.30% 54.71%
Percent of contributions ≥ $200 52.70% 45.29%
Cash on hand, June 30 $203,697.63 $229,497.83

Campaign Activity – 73 Days

  • House parties: 17
  • Democratic/Young Democrat meetings and events: 6
  • Parades: 2 - Portland Pride & Bangor Fourth of July
  • Picnics: 2 - York County Cote Family Day & Bangor Dems
  • Events: 13+ - Meeting with former U.S. Senator George Mitchell; Equality Maine Annual Gala; Emerge Maine Annual Gala; Maine Democratic Party Spring Party in Bangor; Western Maine Labor Council Worker’s Memorial/May Day Dinner in Lewiston; Letter Carriers Union meeting; Franco-American Veterans Collection Opening in Lewiston; Annual Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center Celebration in Bangor; Troop Greeters visit at Bangor International Airport; Colby Reunion Weekend; Muskie Access to Justice Awards; Visits to Presque Isle; Potato Blossom Festival (post-filing, but had to mention!)
  • Issues: Regular email messages - Economic growth and job creation; Women’s right to make their own health decisions; equality and non-discrimination; infrastructure; equal pay for equal work; CBO health care numbers; Veterans health care; Memorial Day message; Anna Turcotte (Campaign treasurer) message about Adam and respect for all people, especially refugees

Some of Adam’s Broad Support*

  • Hon. Tom Allen – former Congressman
  • David Lemoine – former State Treasurer and State Representative
  • Rosa Scarcelli – businesswoman, 2010 gubernatorial candidate
  • Maine Women’s Leadership PAC – Annie Graham – former State Representative
  • Kevin Concannon – former Obama Administration; King Admin. Commissioner
  • Hon. Pat McGowan – former State Representative, Baldacci Admin. Commissioner, gubernatorial and congressional candidate
  • Bill Libby – former Maine Army National Guard General
  • Matt McTighe – Mike Michaud 2014 and 2012 Marriage Equality campaign manager
  • Kevin Mattson – former Executive Director, Maine Democratic Party
  • Samuel Shapiro – former Treasurer, Maine Democratic Party
  • Reid Scher – Chair, Windham Dems
  • Dorothy Whittier – Chair Sanford Dems
  • James Bilancia – Chair Brewer Dems
  • Jamie Wagner – former Chair, Cape Elizabeth Dems
  • Priscilla Davis – former Chair, Brunswick Dems
  • Alan Casavant – Mayor of Biddeford, former State Representative
  • Roland Michaud – Mayor of Saco
  • Adam Lee – Auburn City Council, Mayoral Candidate
  • Sam Zaitlin – former Saco Mayor
  • Marty Grohman – State Representative
  • Anne-Marie Mastraccio – State Representative
  • Linda Valentino – former State Senator
  • Jeremy Fischer – former State Representative
  • Anne Peoples – former State Representative, Westbrook City Council
  • Shawn Babine – Scarborough Board of Selectmen
  • Anna Turcotte – Cote Campaign Treasurer, Westbrook City Council
  • Tim Shannon – Yarmouth Town Council and Chair of Yarmouth Dems
  • Gerard Savage – former Sanford Selectman
  • Bree LaCasse – Portland City Council candidate
  • Dan Tremble – Bangor City Council
  • Peter Baldacci – County Commissioner
  • Lauren Lessing – Waterville City Council
  • Kendra Williams – Sanford School Committee Chair
  • Spencer Thibodeau – Portland City Council
  • Marston Lovell – Saco City Council, York County Commissioner
  • Rick Shinay – Scarborough Planning, Economic Development Commissions
  • Richard A. Spencer – former State Representative
  • Jean and John Gulliver – Longtime Tom Allen supporters, Former Eliot Cutler supporters
  • Carol Whitney – Former State Comptroller, King Admin.
  • Jamie Broder – Angus King finance committee

* Note: There are many other Democratic officials supporting Adam. This is a list of the ones who made a financial contribution during the first 73 days of the campaign.