We need change and new leadership if we are going to address Maine’s fundamental challenges and build a growing, thriving statewide economy. It will not be an easy task. Maine does face serious challenges. One point is clear: If we are going to be successful, we are going to need every person in Maine to do their part. We all have a job to do.

  • Students need to work hard in school.
  • Parents need to make sure their children are working hard in school.
  • Everyone – rich, poor, in the middle – needs to pay what they owe in state taxes.
  • We all need to save some of what we earn for the future.
  • Every working age person who is able needs to try their best to find a job and work.
  • Elected officials across every office in Maine need to ensure public dollars are used wisely to support policies and programs that deliver public good.
  • And we all need to treat each other with respect.

If I am governor, my office, my budget, and my daily work will focus on creating good jobs and ensuring that, wherever possible, state policies and incentives make life a little bit easier for those who are working hard to get ahead.