Maine is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. We have an incredible quality of life and many opportunities to grow a strong economy and create good jobs.  For this to happen, we will need new leadership and change in Augusta. This is what the 2018 election will be about: new leadership and change.

Outside of Augusta, people are tired of hearing the fighting, bickering and the political talking points that sound an awful lot like what they have been hearing for decades. At the same time, Maine people feel like they are not being listened to about either the challenges they face in their daily lives or the exciting things they are doing to create new opportunities.

I am the only candidate running to serve as governor – in either party – who is not listing my experience in Augusta as the primary justification for my candidacy. Most of my experience comes from outside Augusta: raising a young family in the former Maine mill town I grew up in; having a deep understanding of the challenges facing our economy and state; and having my leadership tested and proven in some of the most difficult situations imaginable. My experience and leadership come from twenty years as a soldier in places like Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and sixteen years in the private sector as both a small businessman and renewable energy attorney and entrepreneur. And I understand the daily struggles Maine families face because my wife and I are raising our family in rural Maine today.

I want to serve as governor because I have a deep commitment to service, to both country and community, and I believe our next governor must focus urgently, every day, on a positive, practical plan to grow our economy and create good jobs in every part of Maine. My campaign will be about listening carefully to Maine people and laying out specific ideas for building an economy that works for all of us.