“I’ve seen Adam three times during trips to Iraq and Afghanistan and I will say this, if you are looking for somebody who is a born leader, this is your guy. I’ve seen him literally in action and I think that he is more than cut out for this kind of job… If the Democrats are smart and if they want to win a race, this might just be the way they want to lean.”

Bill Nemitz, Portland Press Herald columnist, WCSH6 TV News, “In the Arena,” 04/21/17 (3:56)

Adam Cote

Adam was the first Democratic candidate to announce his 2018 run for Maine governor. He is running based on his commitment to service, his love of Maine, and his belief that the state needs new leadership to build a strong economy that works for all Mainers.

Adam’s leadership experience comes from over twenty years in the United States Army National Guard, sixteen years of experience as a clean energy entrepreneur, and a lifetime of civic involvement in his hometown of Sanford, Maine—a community working hard to reinvent itself and create new opportunities since its mills closed.

Adam in Iraq

Military Leadership and American Values

Adam is a decorated combat veteran and Major in the Maine Army National Guard. His first deployment was to Bosnia in 1997, where he escorted war criminals to the Hague for their trials. While in Bosnia he developed a lifelong friendship with his interpreter, and worked for over a year to bring his son to Maine for an education.

In Iraq, Adam led over one hundred convoys on some of the most dangerous roads in the world. He and his unit built medical clinics and schools in devastated communities across the country, and when Adam saw the need for more help than the military could provide, he enlisted the aid of other Mainers with his Adopt an Iraqi Village program.

While stationed in Mosul, Adam and his unit survived a suicide bombing in a dining hall that killed twenty-two people and wounded seventy-two others in the single deadliest suicide attack on U.S. forces throughout the entire Iraq War. Adam and his unit cared for the wounded in the chaos, and Adam received the Army Commendation Medal for his leadership during the crisis.

Adam's final deployment was to Afghanistan, where he received the Bronze Star for his exemplary leadership as a Commander, first of a Maine company and later one of the other engineer companies that had lost its leadership.

Cote family in the kitchen

Renewable Energy and Business Leadership

Adam is a leader in Maine energy policy who has worked hard for sixteen years to protect Maine’s future through innovation. He currently leads the Energy and Utilities practice at Drummond Woodsum, where he consults on renewable energy projects across the state. Adam is also the cofounder and CEO of Thermal Energy Storage of Maine, a company that develops off-peak heating and cooling solutions to save consumers money and reduce waste. In 2013, while serving his third wartime deployment, Adam was honored as a White House Champion of Change for his work as “a veteran working to advance clean energy and climate security.”

Family and Community Involvement

Adam is a graduate of Sanford High School, Colby College, and UMaine Law. He lives with his wife Paulina and their five young children in Sanford, Maine. He has served on numerous local and statewide boards, including the Sanford School Committee and the board of the Midcoast Regional Development Authority. Adam received the Synergize Sanford Community Leader Award in 2014.