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Proud Mainer, Veteran, and Democrat for Governor

Adam Cote with family

“I was born and raised in Sanford, Maine where Paulina and I are raising our own young family today. I love Maine and I believe deeply in service. I have not spent much time in Augusta, but I have learned leadership through twenty years as a soldier in places like Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and sixteen years in the private sector as both a small businessman and renewable energy attorney.

Adam Cote: military service

I am running for Governor because I believe we need to make sure change starts in Maine in 2018. With new leadership grounded in Maine values like hard work, innovation, a welcoming spirit and a belief that every person is deserving of respect, we will grow a strong economy that works for all of us, with good paying jobs in every part of Maine.

Adam Cote

I know we can turn the page from the dead-end politics of division, strengthen the state we love and leave it stronger and better for our kids and future generations. I hope you will join our campaign by signing-up for news and updates and inviting your friends and family to be part of our team as well.”

— Adam

Website under construction. Check back for updates and information on the official campaign launch